Advantages of Alternative Medicine – Finding the One That Delivers Most

The advantages of alternative medicine are becoming more well known as people come to realise that a lot of the available health care does more harm than good. This new theme of taking responsibility for your own health, and so life, could be the key to your future good health.

But how do you start? Which areas of alternative medicine offers the best deal, in terms of time and money as well as your health?

Let’s look at a few aspects of health care in general:

In the recent past, people have allowed themselves to be manipulated by fear, particularly in matters of their health. It’s easy to frighten people with the idea that they may have an incurable disease unless they do…

But the evidence doesn’t match up. People around the world are becoming less healthy, have more problems, are more out of harmony with nature and life. Something has gone horribly wrong. And I suspect it’s because the current medical view has no interest in really helping you at a deep level. It has more interest in masking your symptoms, often with dangerous or toxic drugs.

This is in stark contrast to how alternative medicine works. You only have to look at the length of the consultations, to realise alternative medicine practitioners care more about you. My typical consultation, as a homeopath, lasts an hour, and that’s after the longer initial one.

How can anyone help you within the average 6 minute consultation you frequently receive at a GP’s clinic?

There are many different types of alternative medicine, many of them focussing on your physical well being, with various different body workers. And others focus on your health through diet. Both these areas are important, but what emerges of much greater importance than this is your mindset.

Homeopaths fully understand the connection of a suppressed or lack of natural balance in your emotions or way of thinking. Homeopaths understand that this is the key to your physical ill health. So, by helping you change this, your physical health naturally improves.

The cause (in this case your lack of ease of thinking for yourself) is far more important that the effect (the physical ailment, such as an infection).

Emotional problems normally start in childhood, so can take a little time to unravel, but unravel they most certainly do under good homeopathic treatment.

Another distinct advantage of homeopathy over perhaps all forms of health care, is that you can learn to use some of the common remedies at home. This saves you time and money, as well as being able to give prompt attention where needed.

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