Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

So you’ve decided your company could benefit from using hired commercial cleaners rather than your own employees. Now what?

The process of finding a commercial cleaning company that’s right for your business is worth taking some time figuring out. Otherwise, you could end up in the boat you started in, with inefficient use of money and resources.

First consider the needs of your business, as far as cleaning goes. It might be helpful to mentally go through a day in the life of your business, from morning to night, to see what cleaning needs will have to be met.

Another method would include mentally going through the physical space of your company. Go from ceiling to floor and consider what would need cleaned and/or maintained in each area of the workplace. Using your collected observations, start making a list (it’s good to have a tangible reference point to work with).

You might also want to note how often you think commercial cleaners are needed. Granted, the commercial cleaning company you contact can give you a better idea of what will be needed, but you can do the math, too. Some work places get cleaned throughout the day, seven days a week. Others are kept up by employees and given one thorough clean each week, buffing the floors for example.

Next, you’ll have to figure out what your company can afford. Maybe you’ve already done this. While looking at your budget, keep in mind the areas where you’ll be saving money by hiring commercial cleaners (such as no longer paying your own employees for hours spent cleaning).

Once you have a better idea of what your needs are, and what you can afford, it’s time to start seeking out a commercial cleaning company that’s right for you. Some companies cover several states while others stay local. Some specialize in various cleaning areas — office cleaners, restaurant cleaners, warehouse cleaners and of course residential and hotel cleaners — while some companies cover a wider spectrum. It’s not necessarily better to go with one or the other; again, you should choose a company that works uniquely with your own. As long as your needs are met.

When looking for a company, bear in mind that they should be protected by an insurance plan. You do not want your company to be held responsible should an accident happen.

You also want to make sure that you’re hiring a quality company. Because some companies have the attitude that anyone and everyone can clean, you should seek out a professional company who trains its employees thoroughly. When contacting a company, it’s OK to ask questions about their employees, to be sure you aren’t hiring people who can clean as well as the employees already working at your store. Commercial cleaning companies will have the proper cleaning equipment and products, but they need to have the skills and experience, too.

When contacting commercial cleaning companies, tell them your needs, and they will assist from their end. They’re experts at knowing the finer details of commercial cleaning, such as how many cleaners will be needed for your job and how long the jobs will take, which are of course interconnected.

Walk into a business and we can all tell if it’s been cleaned recently.

If the floors look like they haven’t been cleaned since Tony Blair came to power, you know there’s a problem.

At Priority Commercial Cleaning we clean most work surfaces to a level where they can be touched without gloves. OK, we do the toilets and windows too – but we pride ourselves on making sure your office looks like it is cared for and maintained professionally.

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